First flower photo on this forum

Lets test how this forum works. And can we share photos.
This is taken with OM-1 + 60mm Zuiko.


ahh Nice one nice one. Wonder if the images are compressed here?

Good question, atleast images are smaller than orginal.

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There should be an option to download original images when you enlarge them in the lightbox!

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Thanks, need try that next time!

That download option will work for the photo you already posted above. I see it. :slight_smile:

No its not working, photo is still 1920 x 1440.
Orginal size is 5184 × 3888

Oh, okay. And you uploaded that in the 5184 x 3888 resolution?

Yes, and here is also 5184 × 3888


lovely, the texture, the colours. fantastic.

Great! The forum seems to work. :slight_smile:


The easy and often implemented approach to ensure that no executable code or exploit is stored on a server by hiding it in an image is to decode and encode the image when uploading. You should be able to prevent the resizing with the standard Discourse software. I suspect you will need a proprietary photo upload and display plugin to keep and display the exif information. I have not seen any forum software which stores the original image on the server.

Will look into options for embedding/displaying images that preserves the original resolution and EXIF data.

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That’s really lovely - this has a very artistic feel to it; reminiscent of a pencil drawing. Excellent!

IvyLeaf Geranium & PricklyPear still life

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I think I oversaturated, but couldn’t be bothered redoing it, so am just pretending the flower really was that blue…


Paphiopedilum sp. orchid blossom
OM-1, 3.5/90mm Macro lens


Good to see a photo taken with the 90mm Macro lens!

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Thank you all and especially CoastMountaneer for taking up the initiative!
This forum is for me like an international version of my favourite photo forum:, a community that emerged from an older German speaking Olympus forum that was a private initiative and much loved.

I feel like contributing a modest little flower I found yesterday on my shutter therapy walk :wink: .


I like that - the fact that it’s not your typical ‘pretty flower’, but a subject most people would overlook, makes it much more interesting IMO.

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