Any E-M1X Users here?

Just wondering if there are any people here still using an E-M1X on a regular basis?
If so, say Hi and what you are using it for.

I am using mine with the 300mm f4 for anything nature related: birds, flowers, insects including bracketing/stacking, anything I can find really in the U.K. I love the synch IS and the fact that the lens focuses down to 1.4m.

If there are no positive replies then I know not to make any E-M1X specific posts in the future. :slight_smile:

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I’m not using an E-M1X, but I think they are neat cameras and IMO it would be worthwhile for you to make “E-M1X specific posts” because there will always be folks interested in reading them, and your posts will benefit prospective E-M1X owners. :smiley:

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A good point. :slight_smile:
I read a lot before I bought mine.

I have an E-M1X. It does well in extreme conditions and I love that it has built in GPS.

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Got one too. Mostly for really heavy lenses like 300mm f/4, Kipon 40mm f/0.95, and Voigtlander 29mm f/0.8. Nice thing is its ergos are very good for me and fits my hand comfortably to carry all day via a Camdapter leather hand-strap.

I have the grown up version in the Nikon Z9 too, but that camera’s shutter button overhang cuts into my middle finger’s knuckle so I need to wear a finger glove while using it. Occurs with their heavy lenses like the 70-200mm f/2.8, the 50mm f/1.2, and the 85mm f/1.2 that pulls the thing downwards and into the blistering area of the finger. It’s like dealing with a bowling ball at times so I often grab the E-M1X instead.

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Got mine used at a good price and like to use it with my 75-300. A little heavy but i’m used to heavy cameras.

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I bought an E-M1X a couple of years ago and use it for everything. I still have the original E-M1 that I use as a backup and whenever I need to travel light.

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Great to hear from you all. :slight_smile:
I was beginning to think everyone had moved on to the OM-1.

I have one but relegated it to a backup body for the OM-1.

Also got one a few years back, I think as a referb from Olympus. Got a good price on that. Use it mostly for the 300 and the 1.2 pros. Like it a lot.

Hi, (my first post on this site) I bought a M1X for wildlife a couple years ago and loved it so much I bought a second one! I shoot most of my wildlife from a canoe or kayak and have a 300mm f/4 and a 200mm 2.8 mounted on each M1X. At times I also mount my 40-150 f/2.8 on my M10 IV. I have two Olympus TC14’s and a Panasonic TC14 for the Lumix Leica. I have every range I need within an arms reach. The MX1 was my first MILC. I also have an Oly 100-400 as a walk around good light lens which can produce stunning photos.
Some of my photos here: Hornsbee: Galleries: Digital Photography Review : Digital Photography Review

Yikes! I just saw that I replied to this post 7 months after it posted! Oh well…

Welcome to the forum.
Pity it has slowed down after dpreview stayed open.