Welcome again from your favorite mod

Well, you thought you were going to get away from me with the demise of DPR :grin: jk

Very happy to keep helping as much as possible. I’m glad that this place is growing slowly but surely. I’m still getting acquainted with the site capabilities although I can already see many benefits over the highly customized DPR code. I’ll miss the tree structure, as it made me browse over a thread much faster, but it was also harder for making sense of a discussion. I’m also still not very familiar with my capabilities as a mod, but from this point forward you can contact me if you have any issue. More than happy to help or help figuring things out.

Finally, thanks to the admin to keep trusting in me.

All the best


Thank you for offering your services.



Its feeling more like home every day!!


Welcome! Glad you joined the party :slight_smile:

Thank you, Martin!

If you read this thread and are inspired to help Martin and me moderate, send me a DM.