Threaded and/or Flat Views

Forgive me if this has been asked already (search didn’t find anything) but is there, can there be, an option to view category messages either flat or threaded like DPReview has?


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Hi David, I’m still getting acquainted with the site features and capabilities, but I have never seen another commercial or open source forum code which had DPR’s threaded view. I’m really going to miss it, as it helped me go to a specific post way faster, but I don’t expect this forum software to have that, although I might be wrong. I’ll keep researching.
Also remember that DPR forum code was completely in-house, that’s why changes and updates were very infrequent, and maybe also it increased the cost of managing the forum as you need full time developers in staff to keep it running smoothly.

One of the new ones that popped up recently does have this feature. It’s…

It’s not a dealbreaker for me, just a convenience.

Here’s an overview of the Discourse nomenclature. As far as I can tell, Discourse does not have the option to compress to threads like DPR does. I would always change the view to flat, I didn’t like the threaded view!

  • Topic: The collection of messages grouped together in a meaningful conversation, with a title, listed in a category, beginning with an Original Post, and including all replies in chronological order.

Elsewhere this might be called a ‘thread’ but Discourse uses ‘topic’ since thread is used for linked elements that can go off in many different directions (and be confused with programming terms).

  • Post: Each element of a topic is referred to as a post. Each post has its own author and can be moved to a different topic if necessary, or even become the start of a new topic.
  • Original Post (or OP): The first post in any topic. This is key since it determines the focus of the topic and is what the title and tags will link to.
  • Category: The primary means of organizing topics. Each topic is placed in exactly one category. Categories have permissions which can restrict which users can create, reply, and see its topics. You can also configure notification preferences per category or even mute them as explained below. Categories are a similar concept to a ‘forum’ on other sites.
  • Tag: A marker placed on a topic to describe it. While a topic can only have one category, it can have multiple tags. New tags can be created by some users. You can read more about the differences between tags and categories.
  • User: Discourse sites may be private or public for anyone to read, but you will always be required to register in order to create posts and record any actions such as bookmarking, liking, tagging, and flagging. Most site activity, therefore, is based around registered Users

Oh, I didn’t know that. I guess the MyBB script have changed a lot since the last time I used it on another forum, but that was years ago.

Is the threaded view what we had on DPR? I’ve been caught a few times here attempting to rely to a post only to have my reply fly to the bottom where it’s meaningless. Am I doing something wrong or is that how it is now?

Hi Bobapingu

if you wish to reply to one specific post, you can use the reply button in grey to the bottom right of the particular post. If your intention is to contribute something to the thread in general, then you use the blue button in the bottom center.

Your post shows to what post you have replied (there will be a little reply button to the far right next to the original poster’s avatar).

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Edit: I keep correcting my post - not sure what is happening here, as between editing words seem to go missing :thinking:

I’m sorry, after many years using DPR, I’m somewhat confused. Give me time.

Please don’t have only the dpreview threaded view! I found that unworkable and always switched to flat view…

Also thanks for starting this off! :wink: