Testing to see if Insects will appear in the list

Testing to see if I needed to create a post with the tag Insects for it to appear in the list of all tags.

Now it’s there. Apparently the tag had to be used before it appeared in the list.

You can edit the list of tags you want to see by default, just click on the “pencil” icon that appears when you hover over the “Tags” header.

All the original tags were enabled (visible) by default but the new ones seem to need to be enabled if you want them to always show.

Edit: Sorry, I see you were referring to something different. It would probably make sense to always show it (with a zero count if necessary) but it doesn’t :frowning:

Default Discourse behaviors aren’t always optimal, I have been adjusting some of the settings to make things work better, where that’s possible.

I do appreciate that showing tons of empty tags can lead to clutter.