Screen Protector problems OM-1

I have had my OM-1 for just over a year now, and have got through 3 screen protectors on the LCD screen. The first one was not quite cut to size and was replaced free of charge by BroTect (also known as Bedifol - a Germany company), but the next two seemed to fit OK, and gave excellent visibility, but each has fallen off. The problem seems to be that move slightly during use of the camera and if a corner protrudes, the film flips off unnoticed.

Anyone else had this problem - or a trouble free product to recommend?

I have been using screen protector for about 7 months and have no problems at all. The first application try the corners didn’t stick. I have removed it, cleaned the screen again with the provided dry and wet wipes, and applied the second screen. Took about 30 seconds and it stays perfectly since.

The only issue is that the screen doesn’t close all the way, seems to be too thick but is not. I have seen complaints about it. However, I normally don’t close it anyway.

This is what i use.

Thanks for the reply Mirek. Those do not seem to be available in the UK.

I do not usually close the screen either, hence the desire to protect it, especially from the metal buckles on the neck strap. I have ordered an UpScreen hybrid glass protector and will see how it goes.

It seems there are few manufacturers, though they sell under different brand names. These are manufactured in Germany by Bedifol GmbH - who also seem to produce under the BroTech, Savvies, and Vikuiti ranges.

I contacted them yesterday about the difference between the BroTech and UpScreen products and they replied
Compared to our BROTECT products, our premium upscreen products have a superior quality finish when it comes to the hardness of the surface of the film, which guarantees extra durability and strong protection. Upscreen products benefit from the use of a further developed silicone adhesive, whose properties simplifies the installation, while ensuring maximum adhesion over a long period of time. The upscreen products also include a complete installation kit, which simplifies the application of the protection film.

I am hoping that the ‘further developed’ adhesive will prove to be stronger than the BroTech version, to stop movement of the protector after installation. Time will tell!

Interesting how the screens come either singularly (eg UpScreen), in pairs (eg BroTech), in threes (eg Dierjin) or even in sixes - which suggests that they are not that durable!

I wondered why the interest in screen protectors as I haven’t seen any screen damage in my five years use of my EM1.2 or the eight years with my E-620 before it but then I realized you all keep your screen out most of the time. In this area it appears fairly rare at events where I’ve seen a number of other ILC users gather for people to have the screen out except for a specific shot angle. Different subject matter for you all I presume so I can see why some may desire a screen protector.

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Just a quick update. The UpScreen Hybrid Glass protector was ordered on the 5th and arrived on the 10th - just in time for an upcoming trip.

It feels nice and strong, was easily applied with no bubbles, and seems to adhere well. The lcd screen can be turned and clicked closed with no problem. It comes with a mounting kit - basically cleaners - which I barely used, but which might come in handy later. I don’t use the lcd screen for touch controls, so cannot comment if it affects that, but the image is as clear as without the protector in place.

I will report back if I have a problem with it.