Question about Olympus Workspace and 9 mm body cap fisheye

Photos taken with 9 mm body lens fisheye are not recognized by Olympus Workspace since there are no e-contacts on that lens. Therefore, the correction tab does not appear in Edit mode. Is there a way to manually force Workspace to recognize that lens as a fish eye.

Find a sample of a picture taken with the Oly pro fisheye and edit the exif data of your image to match that of the pro fisheye image.

You can however just use the distortion tool in Workspace to distort your fisheye image.

As always there is a Rob Trek video on how to do this: Olympus Workspace Fisheye Correction Tutorial for Any Lens ep.175 - YouTube

Thanks, I watched the Rob Trek video.

I have been using PTLens to defish and was hoping to find something newer or easier to integrate with Affinity Photo, which is my main editor. I only venture into Workspace now and then to see what it offers.

Affinity Photo has a lens correction filter under Filters>Distort>Lens Correction. The popup dialog has support for various m4/3 camera bodies (among others) and the Olympus 9mm body cap lens, with a slider to adjust the focal length.

I’m not sure how well this works in practice as I don’t have the lens.

Just ran a test with a downloaded jpeg shot with the 9mm lens cap. Affinity Lens Correction doesn’t do much, if anything.