Panasonic G9 II Rumor

If the G9 mk ii has PDAF I will buy it almost immediately!

I’ve seen that response from several people online… hopefully the G9 II is a worthy camera and a great seller.

I like my G9 a lot, it’ll probably be a while before I look to upgrade.

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I’m pretty damn happy with my G100’s, my G9 is plenty good enough AF wise for any outside the general envelope shooting I do (Motorsport, but I don’t do flying birds or video) so any “improvements” in the AF system hold no attraction for me. What’s left? A few megapickles? 20 is enough for me. A big jump in high ISO noise performance could do it, but I think we’ve pretty much stagnated there. The original G9 is still entirely relevant even today, I’ve had mine since release, & it’s only gotten better over the years with the firmware updates. Good for me, bad for Panasonics bottom line I guess.

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I do a lot of macro-ish photography - primarily insects & spiders - so any additional megapickles would be welcome for cropping purposes. If I ever get back into photographing my local critters in a big way more MP’s would be useful, too.

But, so much about the G9 as it currently stands is just so good. I’m not really left wanting for anything. And I can’t really afford to drop $1500+ on a new camera.

For me, a G9 II is more about several years down the road.

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