Only Astrophotography Thread, Post your Astro Here

Hello All, this is the astro thread do feel free to post your astro images here. Do share basic information like what camera and lens were used, what tracker if any was used, filters used and total exposure time.

Here is mine.

Gear : OM System OM1, 300 f4 pro, iOptron Skyguider pro, no filters and total intigration time of 2 hours with 2 minute lights.
This is my 6th attempt at astro, all have been done with the Orion Nebula, but this time it was in a darker sky outside my city. So the output is better.


OM-1 + 100-400mm Zuiko, handheld single shot. F9.0, 1/2000, ISO640. 2mins ago.


Oh wow, thats a nice one.

That is a beautiful photo.

What does “with 2 minute lights” mean?


I think it means we’re looking at 120 minutes of total light, made of 60 ‘stacked’ two-minute exposures ?

I’ve never understood how one decides when to be done stacking images for astro images. If I were to use 30 two-minute exposures stacked and process a bit more, would I really notice the difference? Or if I used 120 one-minute exposures?
No doubt someone with a lot of experiece at such things has a 'blog somewhere about it… :exploding_head:

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@Scruffy : hey @cascadian is correct. each exposure is 2 monites and the images are stacked to give this image.

The light being captured is coming from lightyears away so it is old and distant (in this case light is coming from 1344 lightyears away) :slight_smile: Longer exposures give more data but there is a limit to how long you can expose without getting star trails.

@cascadian the exposure time really depends on your sensor and sky conditions as these affect the amount of light collected by each pixel. But genrally you go for as long an expsoure as you can, and collect as many long exposure as possible to get as much data as you can. Because the nebulas are so faint a single exposure might not collect all the details available.

a informative and intresting link to youtube

Hope i answerd your question.


Thank you both. Quite enlightening.

I wish I had dabbled in Astro when I shot Pentax, with the built-in Astrotracer.

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Amazing! You got that with just my birding gear plus a tracker.

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@Scruffy The inbuilt astrotracer is ok, but not very good, if you live in a relatively dark sky (not city center) you could start now, just need a tripod, camera and lens. offcourse its harder this way without a tracker. I have done 2100 images at .7 sec each to get enough data for my first few images in the middle of Mumbai.
here is a step by step for you

Its good fun. the best part is a lot of the software is free.

@Bobapingu Oh yes, very satisfied. :slight_smile: I am glad you liked the image.

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