OM-1 guide books , videos , blogs

Hi everyone I just got an OM-1 and the feature set is bordering on overwhelming :grinning: I wonder if you have any recommended books, videos, etc. I do have an E-M5III but my mFT use since 2009 has been mainly Panasonic.
I also got a Z9 which has a similarly huge feature set but I have used Nikon SLR’s, DSLR’s and mirrorless and it has been much more intuitive for me. In truth I do not really need a lot of the advanced features of either camera :grinning: . After a miserable time since Oct last year, covid, long covid, host of complications topped off with a fall down a full flight of stairs. Wheelchaired out of hospital , walking frame, roller, two walking sticks one walking stick and now just about back to normal :grinning: . Having a lot of time stuck in the house I finally got round to rationalising all my gear sold off what I don’t need and used the money to buy cameras with feature sets I probably don’t need either

I don’t do a lot of long shooting but would like to give it a go I am waiting on the allegedly upcoming Nikon Z 180/200-600mm release . To decide between it and a m43 tele

For starters, lots of info on Rob Trek’s channel Rob Trek - YouTube

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Thanks for that he seems to cover everything I was looking for