OM-1 AF Explained

Very detailed explanation of the vast options of auto-focusing features of the OM-1… by a very smart individual.

Note this isn’t an OM System video about OM-5 and OM-D cameras.


Worth watching. And his other one on focus too.


Agree a good video, but you need to pay attention when he discusses CAF with tracking and eye AF.
Thanks for posting.
Such a shame about DPReview, but it looks like a few of that community are here.

I read this pointed out problem with CAF w/tracking along with the eye af.

Problem is I don’t exactly remember the detail. Can you please briefly refresh the details?

Thanks from a forgetful senior lol

The gist of it is that CAF with tracking is better for eye AF. Some reckon that this can be kept on as when you use subject detect AI the camera switches from CAF with tracking to CAF alone.

I was generally surprised that the he didn’t address face/eye AF much at all, since it works quite differently from subject detection modes. For starters, face/eye AF always looks across the whole frame, not just in/close to the set focus area.

Yes, this guy is pretty good. He is thorough, no BS.