O. I. Share on Samsung S10, Oly E-M1 III

This question is concerning the use of OIshare on a Samsung S10 phone.

I got an E-M1 MkIII. It is impossible to download the GPS-log recorded by O.I.share on my Galaxy S10 phone. However, when I try to follow the exact same procedure using O.I.share on an iPhone SE(2) it functions flawlessly.

Yes, the logfile is stored on the phone and looks OK. The camera is synchronized to the phone’s app prior to recording etc. etc. Timestamps on the pictures are inside the log files recording envelope.

Is there a magical (virtual) pushbutton on the Galaxy S10 phone to make it work together with the phone, I mean settings in the phone or on the app? All other functions such as downloading pics via wi-fi using the app, controlling the camera from the phone is OK.

I prefer the GUI on the Android phone over the OIS…

Any advice would be appreciated!