Lumix G9 rear dial

Inadvertently switched on silent mode on the Lumix G9. Managed to sort that out but introduced a problem that I cannot solve. I have been shooting in manual mode using the rear dial to change shutter speed and hence exposure compensation. Now, whatever settings I change on the dial functions, I cannot get back to this. The best I can do is to reverse the dials so that the top dial changes shutter speed and the back dial changes aperture but this can leave me with the exposure compensation symbol showing a wrong exposure even when shutter speed values are altered. If I set the top dial to aperture and the rear dial to shutter speed, both alter the aperture. I’ve tried a reset to no avail and I am beginning to wonder if there is an actual fault. Any help gratefully received!

Are you using C mode by any chance?

Under any shooting mode other than C, have you look at the setting in Custom Setup Menu for the Dials? Any changes in dial setting in C mode will be forgotten after switched to other modes or power off.

Unless you have a faulty camera, no reason the dials will do the same thing.

Not sure the meaning on wrong exposure. I assume the Light meter showed + or -ev instead of 0ev? This is not wrong exposure. In P/A/S it is bias under exposure Compensation. In M, if you are under Auto ISO, same as P/A/S. If M and manual ISO, it just means your setting is not matching with the firmware exposure of the camera, effectively also mean the amount of bias of EC you used.

In M, under manual ISO, if you change any parameter, SS, aperture or ISO, the camera will not response to adjust any other parameter to stay at 0ev metering. It is how it works.

I am a principal SOOC JPG shooter, 99% of shots would not be in 0ev metering.

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Thanks for your reply. I am very much still learning. From observations it dawned on me that the ev was not changing because ISO was set to auto and the ISO value changed to maintain the correct exposure - DOH!

My advice is to never stop learning. I’ve been using cameras for well over half a century but I still keep learning new things. Digital camera settings can be intimidating but at least your G9 has a fairly logical menu system to get your initial setup sorted, unlike the “menu system from hell” that Olympus/OMD use. On the other hand the complex Olympus menu has obscure settings like whether or not to use auto ISO in manual mode, for example. But if you know the setting exists and where it is in the menu you probably don’t need it anyway - except I do. I have it set to avoid exactly the problem you had :wink:

I think Panasonic has the right balance of configurability and usability of both camera function and settings but it’s still a steepish learning curve. Enjoy the experience, it’s part of the journey.

Thanks for the encouragement, John - much appreciated.