Light, life and form in B & W / monochrome

So what do you see in light in its simplest expression, in form and shape, in contrast and highlight, in emotion, idea and the poetry of vision?
Please show us what you see…

Thx, Yuri

Without color, flower will become lifeless.

For flower shooting, I would look for the higher possible saturation and to include more color in the frame if possible. For a flower shape object with only various gray, even if I could find the fine detail of the flower from an image I would lose my feeling in it as flower.

B/w works for some genre of shootings, but not flower. Sorry.

Here are some lilypads and a tree, since Albert stated with absolute certainty that flowers cannot be shot well in monochrome. :smile:

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I can’t see in monochrome and don’t often use it, especially as most of my attempts end in disappointment. Here’s my latest failure:

Spitfire and geese, Lytham
Panasonic GX9+Olympus 12-45/4, 24mm, 1/1250s @ f/5.6, ISO200

The light was awful and the image just doesn’t work in colour but I liked the scene enough to record it anyway.

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Don’t be that hard on yourself. Seeing in monochrome is about experimentation. I rarely shoot B&W unless it’s infrared, and I modified my E-M5 especially to shoot B&W infrared because I loved the ‘inky black sky’ look. Your Spitfire photo would look great in infrared, and especially if it were shot head-on and standing somewhat below the plane, to exaggerate the propellers against the sky.

EDIT: Or to place a goose in the foreground with the other ‘bird’ in the background, with high DOF. As it is, your photo is far from terrible, plus it’s always a delight to see a Spitfire!

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Speaking of airplanes … B-52 Stratofortress and unknown airliner. Once again in infrared.

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I was a bit better in IR but the converted E-PL5 I used vanished along with all my other micro 4/3 stuff when I decided to “upgrade”… and here I am back where I started but without IR. I used the same 14-42 a lot but found the Panasonic 12-32 also worked well in IR:

E-PL5+Panasonic 12-32 @ 12mm, 1/400 @ f/5.6 ISO200, 715nm IR (May 2015)


really like these images. especially #1 & #4, but #2 & 3 also.
#1 is really interesting, light forms in dark lower, dark forms in light upper. one could almost flip the image and still have it recognizable… and then the way it is now, the ‘fisherman’ standing on a ‘bank’, fishing …( center light patch at very top of image). And the trees are almost ‘roots’…
same inverse light to dark countering gradients in the #4 image.
nature’s forms are amazing !

JohnB, faunagraphy
I’m glad you both branched out into other types of images!
I started the thread to have somewhere for varied monchrome/BW images, without single image threads… not just flowers/plants…
I pick my initial image because it was a very recent one in color, which I had just converted the day of the thread - because I wanted to see how it would appear as B&W.
…Not intending to lock into flowers or just plants.
That it was tagged ‘Flowers and plants’ was not intended…

I Love the IR images ! With the cameras I have laying around; I need to figure out how to have one work in IR. I checked out Rob Trek’s video, but think I need to do more research on best way to get started… but back to B & W/monchrome.

Hoping to get the admins to ‘change’ or delete the thread tag…
any monochrome image, anyone wishes to post.

Yes, Admin tagged a load of threads after creating the new tags, probably based on a quick inspection - so yours looked like a “Flowers-and-Plants” at first glance.

I read it as I thought you meant it and ignored the new tag. Glad I was right :slight_smile:

“A Nice Day Out”…
Fountains Abbey on a bright spring day:

G100+Olympus 12-45/4 @ 12mm, 1/1000s @ f/5.6, ISO200

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