Let's face it, nobody needs 50 fps

… Unless you want to shoot sequences like this.

Continuous burst of 5. At a slower burst rate, I’d have missed the critical moment.

These moments are nearly impossible to follow with our human eyes. I track swallows (as best as I can) and if a swallow changes course abruptly, I squeeze a burst. It’s a fairly reliable way of capturing a feeding sequence. Since getting my OM-1, my success rate has shot through the roof!



30fps on 4K phpto modes of my few Pannys could be more than I needed too. As I am not a birder (no bird to shoot in my area), the use of such high speed shooting is rare. But nice for my entry class GX850 support this feature when I need it. :slight_smile:

That is a fantastic sequence of photos. Very impressive!

That is indeed a nice feature to have. Are the extracted photos sharp, or are they essentially screen grabs? I mean are they all at 1/30 sec?

Thank you RichPix! :slight_smile:

Sorry, not sure were you talking to me. Still not used to the layout of this forum…

Let me pretended yes…

The 4K photo mode indeed is a MP4 @30fps video shooting. By the right software (in camera or most video player) we can go through the footage frame by frame, and extract the right frame into JPG.

Hard to say is it screen captured but in a sense it is.

Many people doubt on the CDAF of Panny. In fact it is quite capable specially if the object movement is predictable. I had shot rope sliding down hill, nearly most of the frames of the few seconds footage could lock focus on the players. Also a birthday cake candle blowing, every frame was sharp. Unfortunately after extracted the best frames, I deleted the original footage. Can’t show it here.

The difference of 4K photo vs usual 4K video is that I can shoot in 4:3, 3:2 or 1:1 on top of 16:9. I can also use as fast shutter speed as I needed instead of following the 1/60" and therefore motion blur of usual video can be avoided.

If 8Mp JPG is good to you, 4K photo mode is an interesting feature to have specially any video AF supported lens can do. No need for specific lens.

On G9, it even has a 6K option.

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Sure would be nice if it weren’t limited to a handful of lenses…

The only problem with pro capture use is that you need a bag of batteries. Power consumption skyrockets.

It depends.

Can’t speak for Olympus but the 4K/6K high speed shooting feature of Panasonic are actually shooting video + an in-camera frame extraction feature.

For lower end models having a small battery of course will find these features eat battery much faster than usual frame by frame still shooting.

For higher end models, e.g. the GX85/9, G85/95, G9 or GH5/6 series the problem is relatively smaller (vs shooting pure still).

P.S. Pre burst is excluded since it is operating under a total different logic.