Jpg shooting with filters

Just curious if anyone else shoots jpg, particularly with any filters. For a while I shot raw only, but I’m not interested in doing a lot of post processing - just don’t take the time. The only thing I’ll do is run it through topaz, which is just a click and go.

I shoot with an em1m3 which does very well. Because I have a huge card I shoot jpg+raw, so it’s there just in case, but generally only look at the jpg.

I like the pop art 1 which enhances colors nicely, sometimes a b&w. Diorama is good for fun.

Anyone else shoot this way?

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Using jpgs just short-changes your ability to fix things, especially over and under exposure.

I shoot in both jpg and raw in case I need to share a jpg image quickly. Otherwise, it’s raw for me and I’m grateful that I started learning Photoshop about 25 years ago when my brain was better at learning things!

I do use the Topaz plug-ins a lot, especially the Topaz Adjust hdr filtration which is great for bringing out detail.


I sometimes shoot my Panasonics in monochrome mode (JPG only) and the results are pretty nice.

I shoot jpg+raw and use the art filters as well as the scene modes. Pop art works quite nicely for birds and dramatic tone for historic buildings. I still haven’t used all the scene modes, but I regularly use these two: e-Portrait does a good job of removing skin blemishes and wrinkles. Handheld starlight does better computational night shots than my smartphone.

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I get all the adv/dis comparisons. I was just curious if others did this as well. I personally don’t take the time to post process much at all. That’s just my preference.

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It’s thought that jpegs are for amateurs and raw for professionals. I think the opposite. I shoot raw because it gives me more latitude to correct my inevitable errors. If I could shoot great shots straight out of the camera, I’d shoot jpeg every time and I know some do.

I shoot raw & jpeg in the hope that one day I’ll learn enough about PP for it to make a difference. But all I do is crop and fiddle with a few settings and I haven’t worked out what advantages there would be for me. Doesn’t help that I haven’t got a good eye for a photograph so don’t usually know what would improve it. PP feels like a chore so I really should make more effort to get a good photo in the first place rather than just ‘point and pray’.

My son is a PP geek so I should really get him to give me a masterclass, i.e. let him critique my photos and demonstrate what he would do. But I’m lazy.


I always shoot RAW because I enjoy post processing to ensure I get the best result I can.

Good idea, its worth the effort.

both of these guys explain fairly concisely if photoshop is your weapon of choice and you need some more specific guidance!

Thank you Kalisti :slightly_smiling_face: I’ve settled on Fastone as it’s free and I’m sure it’s good enough for my needs, but the principles of how to create a good photo will be the same. To be fair, most of my photography is of bugs, where I’m just happy if I can get an in-focus photo with sufficient dof before they fly off.

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I do shoot jpeg sometimes, but mostly if I’m shooting b&w.
I view the RAW files as negatives so I always shoot RAWs.
The way you do it makes great sense to me, without post you free up more time to shoot or to do something else that you like!!
I’m not a fan of peeps that say, ‘if you dont do it like this…’ its elitist imo, theres some excellent phone photographers that no doubt edit their jpegs on their phones, if they edit at all XD
Do what gets you the result you want!

No worries, I’m sure theres similar content for fastone!
Darktable and rawtherapee are also free, afaik theyre a little more like PS clones (in a good way), could be worth a bookmark just incase you dont get on with fastone.
I remember trying to learn sony vegas for video editing, I’d learnt on a mac with final cut, it was easy, vegas however made no sense to me, just a different workflow, when I found premiere pro I was back home again.
In a similar way I just cant get my head around why I’d need lightroom in my workflow, awesome program, it just doesnt fit me.

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Same here, post processing is too time consuming for me which is why I try to get it right in camera and use it straight away. Most of my pictures are enjoyed as JPGs. However with birds I know I will be cropping and for the occasional print (Canon Selphy CP1300, does what I want) I need to adjust the colours and contrast. If I take a picture for work (web) I will do some processing. RAW is better suited for that.


I shoot only JPG. Although I’ve shot RAW at times in the past, for my purposes JPG images are just fine. The time it takes to process RAW images is time I’ll never get back and I just don’t see much if any improvement over my JPG images. However, I do often post-process photos using one of several software programs. In case anyone’s wondering, I regularly have photos published and have sold a few prints (although I seldom print photos).


I shoot RAW, but I use the ART modes as pathfinders. They let me see something closer to my intended final result when I am composing.

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Woody, what programs do you use? I like topaz personally. I used to just use denoise, but the new topaz photo ai is very impressive. Works well on jpg for some basic denoise and sharpen.

For post processing I use FastStone to adjust highlights, shadows, do any necessary cloning (which is seldom) and do any cropping and then Topaz DeNoise AI to denoise and sharpen. I used to use PhotoScape for all post processing but now prefer FastStone. I have Affinity Photo but seldom use it because either of the others do the job. A long time ago I decided I’d never use any software that requires a subscription, I’d either use free software or make a one-time purchase.