Introduction: About gear reviews

Welcome to the gear reviews category!

This is a section of our forums where you can review gear you’ve owned, rented, or borrowed, and research gear that you’re thinking of acquiring.

We focus on gear that can be used with the Micro Four Thirds system, especially bodies and lenses made by OM System and Panasonic, but reviews of accessories gear made by other companies are welcome. To keep things organized, we have the following rules:

Rule #1

One thread per product. This way, reviews stay together in an organized manner for ease of reading. Please look or search for a product you want to review before starting a new thread. If that product already has a thread, reply to that thread with your review.

Rule #2

If you are starting a new thread, your initial topic needs to include some reference information about the product for the benefit of other forum users, especially those new to Micro Four Thirds.

Here’s what you need to have:

  • Product name in title of thread, as it appears on the B&H Photo website
  • Image of the product, preferably from the manufacturer
  • Basic specifications, either from the manufacturer’s website or B&H’s website (if a camera or lens is weather sealed or supports dual stabilization, be sure that’s noted)
  • Optional: product video from manufacturer, if it exists (e.g. from YouTube)
  • Optional: sample images you created (or videos)

If you are the first reviewer, include the above and then offer your comments about the product.

If you are replying, you can simply offer your comments on the product and any sample images you want to share with other users. You don’t need to include basic product information.

Possible angles/questions you can explore in your review

How did this product help you with your photography?
What do you like most about it?
What do you like the least?
How does it compare to the alternatives, if any?
Have you used it with gear from other makers - e.g. if it’s an OM System lens, how does it perform on a Panasonic body, or vice versa?