I Might as well start the first Bird Talk on this new forum!

Since DPR is shutting down, i went down memory lane and visited my old posts from 5-7 years back, came across old familiar names and memories of friends i made like NZ macro, Scott, Geoff, Vass, Jeff and i hope they are doing well.

Thought i would start the bird talk on this new resource by sharing some of my images.

Here are soem images from my recent trip to Jamanagar, on the western coast of Gujrat in India. A heaven for waders.
I used my OM1 and the 300 f4 pro for the images.

Graceful Prinia being Graceful

Western Reef Egret

Great White Pelican, i just cant get over how huge these birds are! and they can fly!

River Tern’s during the mating ritual.


Very nice start for the new forum.

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Looks good! Hope this forum get more users.

Oh hey Martin, long time! DPR closing galvanised me to get back to the forum! sad way to comeback. How have you been, hope all well.

Wonder if we can extract resources from DPR like their reviews etc and make a library here.

Great tit posing (OM-1 + 100-400mm Zuiko)


Oh nice one, damn good lighting!

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@RVC - Not just enjoyable subject matter and images, but there is a delicateness to your processing that makes your photos especially lovely.

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well done. lovely bird pics


Very well, Rahul. Good to start getting everyone here. This DPR thing is so sad and unfair. They should have started looking for a way to give away the site to somebody else. They are going to scrap it anyway, so they might as well give it for free.


Very true, they could easily have done that, or given it to the comunity to run! Ig given enough time im sure people would have come together to save this amazing resource.

Thank you for your kind appreciation.

Thank you Scruffy! yes PP is a work in progress. Still learning. Everytime i think i got it along comes a new version and i have to relearn everything again. :slight_smile:

Lovely set! Thanks for jumping right in!

Am really appreciating the Olympus 40-150 f/2.8 for shooting birds through my windows.


Sparrow, Kingfisher Barn, Bournemouth, UK


Hello all. Well, this new venture seems to be off to a promising start! I contribute to MU43 and Cameraderie forums, but was only a lurker on DPR. I’ve recently been reprocessing some old EM1ii & EM1X photos, using current DXO &Topaz software. I hope these might be of interest, and acceptable here…

Black-throated Thrush and Northern Wheatear


One of my favourite British birds - Firecrest. OM1, 300mm f4, x2 converter.


So far this is the only bird I’ve photographed with m4/3…


oh boy, absolutely lovely!

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