How to delete account

Had a good look around and would like to delete my account. I dont see any way to do that.

Do it from your user profile (top right icon with your avatar, hit that; a square appears, in the bottom right corner is the icon of a head, click that and to the left various options will appear – select preferences > you will find DELETE MY ACCOUNT at the bottom).

Why don’t you let the Admins and people trying to make this a place to fill an upcoming void what you don’t like here?

Bummer. I really liked your spider macro and was hoping to see more.

Hope you land in a place you enjoy!

there is no delete your account

Send me a DM requesting deactivation and I’ll get it taken care of for you.

To ensure no one can sign up and impersonate you, I won’t actually delete your account. But I can certainly deactivate it and lock it.

Delete Account is within the Account > Preferences - a big red button