G100 shoots a plane. And some tractors

Went to the National tractor pull championships over the weekend. This was the dinner break entertainment. Wasn’t expecting that, point Little G at the sky, pressed the shutter, & got these. Quite pleased with how it went, as that’s the last thing I ever bought it for. Well, them -I have 2 now


Oh yeah, it was a tractor pull I was attending. Which involved a bit of a road trip. Yay. I love a road trip. Only about 750kms return, so not long enough for proper enjoyment. Stopped a couple of times on the way home and shot a couple of things that interested me.
But tractors. All sorts. Great fun to watch, smell, & listen to. Power plants from V12 Rolls Royce Meteor engines, 27 liter running Methanol, 125mm twin turbos, Motec fuel injection, custom made transmission, clutch, diff the works, owned and driven by a 70 year old. I remember first seeing it about 25 years ago, still going :slight_smile: I think it’s making around 2000 HP

This was running a modified engine out of a Russian tank. 1800-2000 HP from memory

A Scania truck engine powered this one. Around the 2000 HP mark again. It’s a fearsome experience standing up close to the fence next to the staging area, listening to it building revs & boost, and then feeling the roar (yeah, you feel the noise as much as hear it) as it’s unleashed down the strip with 20 odd tonnes in tow. Absolutely mind blowing.

And then there was this. Powered by 4 -yes 4, blown alcohol 500+ cubic inch V8’s, each producing 2000 HP. Yeah, 8000 HP total. The noise was incredible. Staggering. Stuendous. Certainly no lack of HP, but traction was definitely the limiting factor for sure

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As I wrote, it was a bit of a road trip, & I do like a road trip. Even if they’re a little bit short. My favorites, are on the motorbike. For a few weeks. And multiple thousand kilometers. Like 10,000. Best fun you can have with your pants on. But this will suffice. Grab what you can :slight_smile:
Real world pulling As far as the eye can see. Out in the middle of nowhere :slight_smile:

The wheat belt is on the edge of one of the richest Gold bearing areas too. A tribute I spotted in a small town.

And from a time gone by. Past its use by date

Time & technology marches on. Old vs new

There’s a Silo art trail up that way too. Street artists have been commissioned (I think) to paint scenes on a number of grain silos in many of the small towns through the area. I think that might be my next short trip. Once again, not huge, but should be very enjoyable, visiting many of the country towns, & patronising many of the drinking establishments that are part of every town out that way.