Four-thirds lens query

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I have an Olympus 14-42mm four-thirds lens, which works fine with my Lumix GX80, using a generic adapter. But I can’t get it to work at all on my Olympus E-M5 mkiii.

Any ideas?

I can’t think of any reason it would not work even better on the E-M5.3, which has PDAF.

A common problem is that the lens-release hole on the adapter is too shallow. I’ve never seen this on an Olympus adapter (MMF-3, haven’t tried others), but it seems to be common on cheap Chinese adapters.

Take your lens off. Look through the viewfinder. You should see unfocused light, and the exposure settings should change as you point it around.

Now, fully depress the lens-release button just to the left (outside) of the lens, and look through the camera. The display should go dark. Is this the same display you see when you say “It doesn’t work?”

I have used a Dremmel™ tool and a burr bit to deepen that hole until it works. It only takes a fraction of a millimeter.


Thanks. I’m wondering if it’s because it’s always a tight fit connecting lenses to the Olympus camera.

Btw, the Olympus lens also works perfectly on my ancient Lumix G10.


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Where I said “lens-release button,” what I really meant was the “lens-release pin” that keeps the lens from rotating unless the lens-release button in pressed.

Hope that is a bit clearer.

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Keh has used MMF-3 adapters if you want to pick one up.

I have one, it works very reliably.

Olympus and OM bodies are pretty picky about adapters in my experience.

Especially the newer bodies.

it wasn’t until I got a genuine Olympus adapter (MF-2) that I could put my old Zuiko glass (not Four Thirds Zuiko Digital, I mean Zuiko glass from the film era) on my newer Micro Four Thirds bodies and actually take photos with the camera. Kind of fun to not have autofocus available once in a while.


I agree - generic adapters have rather random connectivity with Oly bodies. I have three generics and only find one of them reliable with my eM1 and 70-300 ZD lens. The GX bodies worked consistently with at least two of them; the other was damaged at some point and is useless.

The 70-300 is a nice lens with µ43 bodies, but it’s rather a bulky beast.

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Thanks for the confirmation that it’s not just my camera!