Em5 mark 3 High res mode has become unavailable

Hey everyone…High res shot has turned itself off. When accessed from the shooting menu 2 it says OFF, with no option to turn it on. This happened all of a sudden, as I used the function earlier in the day.

Is there some setting that is preventing this from turning on. I will try a reset , but I really don’t want to. Thanks hope someone has the answer…Steve
Also I am able to set the post shutter release delay time, but that doesn’t do much good

I found this on another forum, may be it is applicable (or some of the conditions) to the EM5 MKIII:

  • ISO is set under 1600
  • Lens aperture is set wider than f/8
  • S-IS is set to OFF

The OP mentioned that he had to manually set those settings to get Hi-Res, plus mentioning the use of the tripod.

May be it helps

Thanks for your reply. I figured it out. When you go to High Res Shot in the menu , it says off…you have to set the post shutter delay time and all is fine. Kinda UN-intuitive!

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Glad you got there eventually.

“Kinda UN-intuitive”

I think Olympus designed the menu system as some sort of mental challenge; there are lots to like about Olympus cameras but an intuitive menu system isn’t one of them :wink: