Em5.iii shutter life?

I’m sitting here with a brand new, nicely discounted eM5 iii, deciding whether to open the box. I still have a few questions without clear answers.

One of those is the mechanical shutter life. I cannot find any ‘official’ number for eM5 iii or even for the extremely similar OM-5. Nearly all the guts are eM1-ii imports, so one would think 200k is the correct estimate… but it seems that previous 5.x bodies were 100k.

Any help would be … well, helpful! :smile:

I can’t answer your question but I am interested in knowing why you ask this after buying a new camera? I’ve been using cameras for over half a century and in that whole time I haven’t taken enough pictures to wear out a new camera’s shutter, and had I been a heavy pro user I wouldn’t much care either, it’s just a business expense…

My advice is to not worry about it, just enjoy your new camera :slight_smile:


What would be the downside of using the electronic shutter whenever possible? I realize some functions require the mechanical shutter, but I use the electronic shutter (“silent shutter”) virtually all the time. I imagine that rolling shutter could be a problem with some action shots, but otherwise the electronic shutter should outlast you.

I trimmed another paragraph with reasons this isn’t my best fit for a NextCam. Shutter life is not a deal killer, i assure you!

This body in black is $250 off right now, and I wanted to keep this deal in hand while I weighed costs and benefits of my eM1, a7ii and other possibilities. I’m not a speed shooter (just 3k into the 150k eM1 and 29k into the a7ii) - so mine is the lifespan most in question :confused: