Easy way to view exif information

It would be helpful if there would be a simple way to view the exif info of a picture. I know a browser extension could do it, but that doen’t work on a phone or tablet.

Anyway, great work, keep it up. Perhaps some volunteers can help with optimizing further. OOTB it’s already quite good though! Thanks for all the work.


If you’re on Firefox, try one of these: firefox exif plugin at DuckDuckGo

If you’re on some other browser, go ahead and click that link, then change “Firefox” to your favourite browser.

The only one you might have trouble with is Safari. Apple is so paranoid (that’s a good thing!) that their extension access is so limited that I haven’t found a good EXIF viewer for Safari.

Am hoping to implement an EXIF data display capability into the forums soon, it will require deploying additional software. In the meantime, try a browser add-on for viewing EXIF data as suggested. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys. I already referred to browser plugins, but I don’t think they work on tablets and phones -but maybe I’m wrong there?

Anyway, appreciate the effort to look into this, and no rush -perhaps there are other things to look into first, I understand totally getting something up and running by yourself and implement some changes is requiring more time than you either have or are willing to spend!

Firefox for Android supports a limited set of add-ons, but otherwise you’re right, browser plugins are generally unavailable on smartphones.

So that’s definitely a reason to try to get our EXIF data display capabilities working soon.