E-M5 mark2 grip

Posting this after tying it one last time on DPreview…
My E-m5II suddenly felt sticky in my palm. The front grip rubbery thing fell off. I found it in the dirt, cleaned it and put it back on. Not for long. Had to then use a band aid to hold it in place. This was on a trip to a rather remote location. The piece has also cracked in the middle and has a little bit missing.

So, what kind of glue can be used to reattach the front cover thingy back on securely?

Also, can a replacement part be found?

Many thanks.

Are you in the U.S.?

if so: Send it in for repair to the OM System servicing center in New Jersey. (Use the link to fill out the repair form).

240 S Main St., Suite C
South Hackensack,
New Jersey 07606, USA

They should be able to get that E-M5II fixed right up for you.

Contact Cement
Clean both surfaces well, apply cement evenly and light coat to BOTH surfaces.
let dry for 8-10 minutes (in Higher humidity it will take longer to get tacky dry).
carefully place grip onto other surface, being careful on alignment - you get one shot.
Will hold tightly for years !
Small tubes of Contact cement can be bought in many Dollar Stores… Certainly enough for many, many applications.
The stuff is very similar to the cement used for applying soles to shoes - and a good repair method for soles separating from the shoe…
It’s in my top three of Velcro, Duct Tape & Contact cement. LOL! :crazy_face:

Thanks, but I am not in the US.
In other countries it is interesting to see how they will spread service centers.

Sounds reasonable, will probably work. Just wondered because the sticky feeling glue seems to be something different.
And to your emergency list you can add band aid…

You might like to be careful using anything permanent.
On some cameras (I don’t know if it applies to the E-M5ii) Olympus has needed to remove the covering to repair the camera.
I have heard double sided tape suggested.
There was a post on dpreview “Micro Four Thirds Talk” forum but I have no idea where.
Good luck

Maybe something like, 3M™ 468 Adhesive Transfer Tape.
I have never used this so you will need to research it further.

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interesting idea. I wonder what the original adhesive was.