BIF Thread (birds-in-flight)

First BIF :smile:

Bald Eagle


Yellow-rumped Warbler, a bit of motion blur on this one.


Magnificent! Stellar captures.

WOW! awesome photos!

Amazing. It’ll be great to have EXIF data. Any chance of having that @m43talkadmin ?

Poole Park, UK


Alpine Swift - there’s a big influx into the UK happening at the moment. OM1 with 300mm f4 and x2 converter.


A swift! those are even more difficult to follow than swallows, good capture.

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I hope I am posting correctly, it will take me a while to get used to this new forum, but I want to support it. So I am attempting to post an image of a Small Blue Tit in flight taken with my OM1. I did not use pro capture as I find it much more fun trying to react quickly. I have reduced it’s size to 1000 pixels tall to post.


Chasing them with a camera is fun.
I am looking forward to their return to the U.K.

EM1X and 300mm f4.


Get out now and look for an Alpine! There’s lots here at the moment and they are turning up all over…

Eurasian Kingfisher (Alcedo atthis)
OM-1, 4.5/150-400mm


Yes, they have been seen on the Yorkshire coast but nothing over my local, inland bit of common. Looked again this afternoon but no go.

WOW, Swifts are so aerodynamic! Built for speed ! Like porpoise or tuna, for the air.
We have swallows here; I can’t imagine what it’s like watching these fly !

Swifts species are found on every continent except Antarctica so I’m sure you have some around Yuri… I like your analogy!

Fingers crossed for you!

I have been investigating this. Discourse is privacy-oriented, so it was designed to strip out EXIF metadata by default when images are uploaded. ImageMagick performs the processing. It’s very good at removing EXIF data.

Discourse offers the ability to disable the default. I’ve located the setting and enabled it. I’ve also enabled the ability to keep images in their original resolution.

This will result in greater and faster disk space usage, so at some point there may be a call for donations to support the scaling-up of the server. :smiley:


If possible it might be a good thing to have a max ‘limit’ on image file size. If the ImageMagick program can be set to size down larger images to maybe 4 or 5 MB… Otherwise you stand to have an explosion in storage needs, doesn’t take long to get into hundreds of Gigs, in a few months… I’m ok with donating, but just to have big files - to have big files, seems unnecessary. IMO…
I mean, pixel peeping should have it’s limits anyway… The images I’m seeing at the moment are quite good and the content and ‘story’ is really what matters… IMO…


I tend to agree.
1,920 pixels on the longest side is fine by me.


These are really very awesome indeed!

Shot with my G100 and Panasonic Leica 9mm

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