Basic Navigation and Category creation

For the Admins. I’m unfamiliar with basic Discourse features. Can you provide a basic tutorial on navigation and content creation?

I notice that pretty much all the topics to date (except Admin) are in the General Category. In the old DPR forum you would have, say, multiple topics on Birds in Flight, Astrophotography etc; all under the micro four thirds forum.

Here it appears that these could be distinct Categories which would keep the site cleaner and much easier to navigate.

To that particular point, can we create a category on our own, or request a category be created (recommended).

Thanks for all your work on this.

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Good point. And the same holds for two-system users. Do we really need every sensor/brand to have its own home, is it valuable to separate sony aps-c from fuji aps-c, &c &c? I’d be fine with Supersize, Fool Frame, Half Frame (no not just you @HalfFrame!), 4:3 and (maybe?) 1" categories, with smaller /phone sensors also a group.

No answer here, just feeding thoughts…