Bargain for Australian buyers

Under $500 is a great price for a brilliant little camera. Highly recommended. I’m thinking about picking up another one myself. Just to keep my PL 9mm on it. Or PL 8-18mm.

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They seem to be gone now.

Yeah, was only a 6? day sale. I ended up buying another one for $500 Au, from another store. I suspect the G100 may be on run-out/end of production, as there were no more left after I bought that one.
I think they’re the new GM, no one wanted one, and complained about them when new, now they’re the greatest thing out, and commanding premium pricing. Anyway, I’ve got my two, so pretty happy with that :grin:

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The cheapest I see now is about $800 AUD so you have a steal. I sure wish OMDS discounting would be as aggressive.