Backpacks for hiking + camera gear

As a result of a series of excellent articles on hiking backpacks by “Chris 222” on DPR, I’ve accepted the premise that the worst backpacks for hiking are camera backpacks. Despite claims of foam/mesh backing, they hug the back such that within minutes of starting a assent, the back is sopping wet with sweat. I’m giving my camera backs the flick and have bought a 23L Deuter AC Lite 23. I’ve transferred a 2L hydration bag from one of the old bags. So far so good. It has a spring steel frame that holds the pack off the back. There are still sweaty patches on the shoulders and hips but that’s inevitable. I’m hoping the steel is rust proof. It comfortably holds the OM-1 + 300/4 + MC-20 and is carry-on size.
So, my question is, to better organise my camera gear, I would like some form of insert. Is anyone aware of a good insert for a long camera/lens arrangement? The inside dimensions of the backpack are very roughly 50x28x15cm.

Tenba BYOB 10 Backpack Insert will take an OM1 with 300 Pro & MC-14 or MC-20 attached. Also room for my binoculars ( Zeiss SF 8x42), or the 40-150 Pro along the side. Costs around £40 in UK.

Maybe a ThinkTank bag in your backpack is a way to go, similar to IanS good suggestion

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Thanks! That’s the sort of thing but I was thinking more of the inside components, like a kit of pieces so that one could make up a custom arrangement to suit the backpack and gear. If there is nothing available, I might have to get some foam and make up something myself.

Check out F-Stop and their modular system. Maybe it’ll fit your needs. You can put their ICUs inside other backpacks, not just the ones they sell.

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