Another first Astro Photo

Hello all, First post here, inspired by Falcon04’s post. I didn’t want to tread on his thread!
this is my only Milky Way photo so far. A lotta things wrong with it, but I was happy with it especially as a first attempt. Taken in West Virginia on a solo backpacking trip. Panasonic g9 with either the 12-60 f2.8 or 8-18 f2.8. I can’t remember my exposure time but when I find it I will post it. single shot, no stacking or anything.
Enjoy, and let me know what I could have done better, especially with processing.


Great photo Bruce! I actually like the single shot results over many of the stacked, tracked and blended photos you’ll find across the net. Somehow I feel these single shots more effectively capture the human experience out under the stars.

Great work and looking forward to you sharing more!


Thank you for the comment Keith, that is the kind of information I need. That describes my motive for both photography and the processing. I want to try and capture what I felt as well as what I saw in an image. I am still wading my way through the whole processing business, but it’s fun!

Oh, I’m working my way on the processing part as well… if there’s something I’m weak in, that is it! I’m just getting excited to get back out under the stars now that we’re back into Milky Way season for the year.