A walk in the park

Been dull here all day and I’d just done a wet-clean of my GM5 sensor to remove some annoying “blobs” in the sky that a blower didn’t shift (probably pollen). Then the sun came out…

I live in a fairly rural part of Lancashire that’s full of industrial-revolution era relics that are photogenic in their own right, but I’m also fortunate enough to have a small park opposite my front window that I usually use for quick tests - like a post-sensor-clean for example :slight_smile:

GM5+Olympus 12-45/4 @ 12mm, 1/500s @ f/5.6, ISO200

GM5+Olympus 12-45/4 @ 12mm, 1/500s @ f/5.6, ISO200

The light quality was lovely and although shot raw (I don’t use jpeg) both images shown here were exported from Lightroom at my default settings for the GM5, so as near as I ever get to “SOOC”.

PS: not really “Landscape” but near enough for tagging purposes.