A viewing suggestion for us older folks

DPR has the ability to magnify text automatically by rotating the phone from vertical to horizontal. It maintains the vertical text spacing with magnification by using a larger font. I would like to see this design implemented if possible.

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I am not familiar with that functionality and not sure if Discourse is capable of being similarly configured. Discourse would have to support that functionality for micro43.org to offer it.

Can ask the Discourse developers about it.

I was just checking if the font size changes if I change it on the iPhone, but unfortunately it doesn’t, at least not on Safari/iPhone.

There might be something in the default CSS preventing that, maybe the font size is set to an absolute value and can be changed to relative? That would be a much simpler solution than rotation

If you are using Chrome as your browser you can simply increase the font size for the ‘tab’ you are on. On my screen the option is found by clicking on the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner of the tab. I suspect other browsers can do the same thing.

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Firefox has a zoom function, click on the 3 bars, top right, and scroll down. Quite effective if you have a wide screen.

Win Chrome will also enlarge and reduce font size with Keybd commands
Ctrl & + to enlarge , Ctrl & - to reduce, in increments…
Same on Firefox, Brave and expect same convention used on all WIN Browsers

sledgehammer of ‘enlarge’ is the ‘magnifier’ = windowskey & +, it freaks me out!

Good tips and it made me realize I tried to change the font size on Safari on iPhone the “wrong” way (system settings).

Works just easily on Safari:


Using an iPhone with Chrome and Safari I have no issues with rotation and larger font kicking in. Have not tried it on Edge or Firefox yet or Windows 10 or 11


Thank you so much for your creation of this site and efforts to keep a community that I have been following since 2011 when I purchased a GH1 for a European trip because the GH2 was unobtainium for months before the trip.