3rd party batteries for the G9

Looking for suggestions for 3rd party batteries as backups for a G9. I see there are several brands on Amazon, all with mixed reviews.

Basically it’ll depend on your luck.

Not a G9 owner, but have used Panasonic cameras for many years, including the first MILC G1 since 14 years ago then it’s subsequent models until now, enough experience on aftermarket batteries.

Had experienced that even under the same brand, the battery bought a couple of years earlier could be different from the later purchase. No guarantee IMHO on quality. There are not few fakes product for aftermarket battery.

Touch wood, for those well known, or not known, to no brand name batteries, most of them are good as OEM batteries. So far I have only a few failed after a few years using.

The only advise is to buy from reliable source to prevent fake aftermarket product plus a good returnable policy.

To use OEM batteries of course would be the best. However around 30~40% cost of an OEM battery, 2~3 aftermarket batteries must have higher combined capacity and longer life than a single OEM battery. I therefore would rather take my chances.

My 2 cents.

Thank you, that seems to follow what is reported in the reviews for the brands being reviewed.

For years I’ve used Wasabi for my G9 and my Pentax DSLR’s before that. Wasabi generally gets good reviews, and I’ve never had a problem with them.

B&H’s house brand is Watson. I’d imagine they are pretty good.

Suggestions (and reviews) will also depend on where you are in the world as the same names often don’t cross national borders - especially US vs rest of the world - because of varying import legislation.

I have used various batteries in various cameras over the years and have only had one “dud”, but it’s worth noting that the one dud almost destroyed the camera due to swelling and leakage. Fortunately it was an old (and replaceable) camera but it was a lesson learned, so although I still use some third-party batteries I use them only as “emergency” backups and never leave them in the camera longer than is necessary.

It’s also worth noting that few (if any) third-party batteries have functioning temperature sensors either, so failures can be compounded by overheating while charging that can - in extreme circumstances - lead to file and explosions.

Unlike most camera manufacturers Panasonic actually make the cells that go into their own batteries and those of many others. They have an excellent reputation for both quality and safety so despite the price my recommendation is to go with the OEM batteries.

PS: I use third-party backups for my GM5 simply because OEM batteries are hard to source at sensible cost - and the GM5 eats batteries like there’s no tomorrow. But for the other Panasonics (GX9 and G100) and my old Sony NEX’s I stick with OEM.

My wife has used two Watson batteries for her Olympus OM-D M5 and both have swollen up while charging. The charger was an official Olympus charger.

I have been using Wasabi and have not had any problems. It’s a good suggestion to take them out of the camera when not in use though. (and hope I don’t)